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BITE THE BULLET It all started as a hobby collecting firearms, due to my current career choice, and a dream to one day own my own gun shop. I didn't have money for a huge store front nor the overhead needed for the large footprint and inventory. So I kept on dreaming for that one day to come. Luckily, I have a very supportive wife who was encouraging and pushing me the whole way. Finally, I just had to bite the bullet! I did a lot of research and found I could be classified as a home-based FFL. This would allow me the ability to pursue my dream right from my own home/property. I drew up some business plans and thought of a name. Many names were thrown in the bucket but only one kept standing out, Southern Comfort Protecting Tradition...  Read More


NEW YEAR - NEW THINGS! As 2020 has comes to an end we are grateful for all of your support throughout the year. Despite the pandemic, the year 2020 had some good points for us. The fiber laser we invested in has been a good addition to the store and things we can offer to our customers. We have many exciting things to offer in the new coming year. We hope the new year, 2021, will be just as prosperous if not more. Continue reading below to see all the changes we are bringing with the new year! GUN CLASSES & MOREWith the new year and many new gun owners, we are going to be offering training classes for a multitude of courses from gun safety, shooting techniques, and much more. We plan to have classes about your everyday handling, cl...  Read More