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(Custom Gun Engraving Services)

Southern Comfort Protecting Tradition is proud to offer you a variety of laser engraving services with the courtesy of our 30 watt fiber laser. You can find an example of things on our Laser Engraving order pages.

We provide custom gun engraving services, custom gun stock laser engraving, custom pistol laser engraving, and custom laser engraving on guns.

Laser Engraved Gun Magazines
Laser Engraved Gun Magazines

You will be contacted to discuss the project details and confirm pricing if needed. If you'd like to discuss things in more detail we are always available to make an appointment where we can devote our time soley to you to ensure your project is a success.


  • Aluminum deep engraving/marking [AR-15 Receiver and parts]
  • PMag, Amend2 Mags, and Metal magazines engraving
  • Pistol Slide marking and deep engraving
  • NFA engraving

Pistol Slides
Full cover deep engraving $100-$500​
Single Slide Marking (Individual standalone graphic / logo starts at $25 per mark but will vary greatly by complexity of design. Please email or contact us on Facebook with your graphic for a more precise estimate.

Graphic Formats
We take care of reworking your graphics for you if needed, however, SVG, AI, JPG, JPEG, PNG, are preferred. Please do not send us any ZIP Or RAR compressed files as they will not be downloaded or opened. The higher the definition, the easier to work with but we can work with most graphics.

Graphic Color
Think in Black and White! Eventually, all graphics will be converted to black and white (no Gray) so avoid blurry images or images with a lot of shading or poor contrasting colors / features in order to achieve the best results.ot engrave on Grey or ODG Glock Frames

Magazine Engraving
Besides the standard offered laser engraved magazines we do offer custom designs for your projet stating at $50(+) for design fee based on complexity of your design.

NFA Engraving
Are you needing to get your NFA Items engraved for compliance? We offer NFA Engraving for $50 per item. Multiple items in a single order will receive a discounted rate.

AR Platform Parts engraving
AR 15 / 10 Lower receiver Magwell: $45
Across both Upper / Lower vector graphic: $75
Metal Dust Covers: $10